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Long time, no see!There’s been so much going on lately that I have just been a bum to not share. First, I  went to Mimi G.’s 4th Annual Conference and it was ah-mazing!  I PROMISE, my next post will be all about the conference and I’ll be sharing my pictures!But, first, I wanted to share with you a FREE e-book I created for a special woman! Simply click on the picture or any link in this post to be taken to the sign up and INSTANT download!The reason I sew and alter my own clothes is because of my height! I’m 5’9″ tall, but pretty much all store-bought clothing are created for the woman who is about 5’3″ to 5’7″. Yes, that’s such a narrow margin right!When we start getting shorter than 5’2″, we starting tipping into Petites. And if you’re like me and taller than 5’8″, you start to struggle with finding clothes that are long enough, among other fit issues! And for my beautiful “tall drink of water” who is taller than 5’10″…well the struggle enters a whole new territory.There are a few large retailers who have tall collections, but the selection isn’t as wide as standard sizing.Well, what’s left is us taller (and shorter) folks who have to make due with what we can get. But, then we’re left with pants that are too short, sleeves that don’t meet our wrists and a host of other potential issues.Not to worry, in my ebook, I give you 10 CHEATS to style your current wardrobe and shopping tips to help you maximize your style in a functioning wardrobe.And…ssshhhh! At the end of this awesome ebook, I’ve got a big surprise, but you’ve got to sign up to get it!Oh, and if you have any other tall friends that you know could use these style tips for tall women, please share this post!XoXo,Eryn 

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  • Hey, Eryn, I badly need your ebook sheet but I couldn’t find it here. Please help me to get this sheet’s download.

  • So happy I found a sister who is tall….like me! That’s why I’m learning to sew too! I love very chic, stylist classic and modest clothing. Could u please consider doing butterick pattern 5211 and and vogue 8805. ( maybe a follow sew along class……just something to think about)I’m very new to sewing, and took your suggestion and looked into a sewing tutorial on Crafty (for beginners). I’m much older than you but love your eye for fashion and of course your frankness,!I just had to subscribed!

  • This is one of the many reasons I started sewing, length and fit because I’m 5’11. I looking forward to reading your cheat sheet because I want to be able to do what Mimi says ‘Make it