The Best Online Fabric Stores For Fashion Sewers (US-Based)

Are you looking for the best online fabric stores in the United States and what they have to offer in one place? Look no further! In today’s post, I’ll share with you my growing list of online fabric stores.

It can get time consuming googling or searching for fabric to buy online, let alone finding online fabrics 

With that being said, finding the “best fabric stores” online is really relative. It just depends on your tastes and fabric needs. So, I’m taking this list of my best online fabric stores for fashion makers a bit further and categorizing the fabric shops list to make it a bit easier for you to determine which fabric store is the best for you. 

Below, you’ll find the list of fabric shops, plus more information. Not only do I hope to introduce you to more fabric stores online, but that you’ve got more information to make shopping a bit easier.

How to get comfortable shopping online fabric stores

While many are comfortable buying fabric online, some are not. And understandably so. When planning out a sewing project, who wouldn’t prefer to feel the fabric to get a true sense of its weight, texture, and color? There’s a small hesitancy that what you order online doesn’t meet your expectations when it arrives. 

I primarily shop at fabric shops online because it’s super convenient and I’ve been able to expand my options past what’s available locally. Plus, I’ll have more that are on my wish list. The goal is to make this a post you can reference when looking for fabric stores online for years to come. 

If these are your concerns, I hope to ease your mind when shopping for fabric online with these tips:

  • Shop fabrics types that you’re familiar with

For example, my favorite fabric is crepe. It’s my go to woven fabric. Since I’m so familiar with that fabric type, I pretty much know what to expect no matter whether I’m shopping looking at fabrics shops online or fabric shops in person. 

Denim is another fabric that’s relatively consistent. You mostly just have to decide on the color and weight of the fabric based on your project.

When shopping online for fabric, you can easily go straight to that fabric type on the website and peruse the choices. At that point, it comes down to determining the proper color for your project. 

  • Order swatches, where available

When time and patience allows, order a swatch of fabric. Unfortunately, many online fabric stores don’t offer fabric swatches, but neither do many brick and mortar fabric stores. 

If you find that’s the case, it’s still a good idea to order the smallest yardage increment available. Sometimes it’s as small as ⅛ or ¼ yard. When the piece arrives, you can safely evaluate it without spending a bunch on a larger portion of fabric.

  • Check the stores return policy

If you’re new to shopping for fabric online, check the store’s return policy. Many will accept returns if the fabric is in its original state. That means it has not been cut (by you) or washed. 

You’d may be surprised that most of the stores on the list accept returns! Check their terms on their website.

  • Ask the fabric stores recommendation for your project

Are you shopping for an unfamiliar fabric, there are no swatches available, and the store doesn’t take fabric returns? Don’t lose hope! Just ask.

Contact the online fabric store with your needs and the type of project or pattern you’re looking to sew and ask them if they have any recommendations! Or you can simply ask them if the choices you were shopping for online would meet your needs. They have textile experts there that are more than willing to help you (and might actually give you a better recommendation).

List of the Best Online Fabric Stores

A few years ago, I wrote a post on my personal favorite fabric stores. But, I’m super excited to share a much more robust list with you (as of June 2021). The titles of the stores are the links, click away!

Keep in mind that this is a growing list. If you don’t see your fabric US online fabric shop on the list, please leave a comment below so that they can be added!

I did use a bit of personal judgement on what stores to add to this list. I kept this list primarily focused on online fabric stores that sell “affordable for most” knit and woven fabrics for making clothing. Stores with luxury fabrics ($25/yd+) were not included.

If the criteria I wanted to outline for you were not clearly stated on the website, it was not labeled as such here to be safe. But, by all means, reach out to the store for specific questions if you find a fabric you love!

Comment below if you want another list for other countries!


C = Custom fabrics
I = International Shipping Available
R = Returns Accepted

S = Swatches available (includes 1/4 yd or less)

Ankara Malkia
APC Fabrics (I, R, S)
Boho Fabrics (I, R)
Bolt and Spool (I, R)
Chateau Sew (R)
Craft Habit
D&H Fabrics Co (R)
Denver Fabrics (I, R, S)
District Fabric (S)
Emma One Sock (I, R, S)
Fabric Mart (I, R, S)
Fabric Wholesale Direct (I, R, S)
Fabric Worm (I, R)
Fabrics Store (I, R, S)
Fashion Fabrics Club (I, R)
Femi Fabrics
Fiddlehead Artisan Supply (I)
Firecracker Fabrics
Girl Charlee (I, R)
Hart’s Fabric (I, R)
House of Mamiwata (R, I)
LA Finch Fabrics (I)
Marcy Tilton Designer Fabrics (I, R, S)
Melanated Fabrics (I)
Milly Mae Fabrics (R)
Mood Fabrics (I, S)
Notion Fabric and Craft (R)
Oak Fabrics
Olga’s Closet (I)
Organic Cotton Plus (I, R, S)
Screech Owl Fabrics (I, R)
Sew Creative Lounge
Sew Sew Chic
Sewing Studio (I, R, S)
Sly Fox Fabrics (I, S)
So Sew English Fabric (I)
Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics (I, R)
Style Maker Fabrics (I, R, S)
Stylish Fabric (I, R, S)
Surge Fabric Shop (I, R)
The Confident Stitch (I, S)
The Styled Magnolia (C, I, R, S)
TopStitch Lounge
Trap Fabriks
Vogue Fabrics (S)
Yara African Fabrics (I)

P.S. – Researching this list gave me MAJOR fabric inspo! Enjoy!

P.P.S – I’m adding to this list frequently, so bookmark this page to keep up with the newly added stores!

I hope that get major fabric inspiration by shopping these US-based online fabric stores! Let me know in the comments if you’d like a similar list from another country!

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