The Evolution of Style Sew Me

I hope you don’t mind getting a little serious today.

Personal Evolution

I am a person who once lived within the limitations of others opinions and expectations. I now know that it came from insecurity and a lack of confidence.I have since grown into being a person who is unafraid to explore possibilities, acts without limiting beliefs, and pivots to encourage growth.

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen the growth and change around here. Those changes ranged from new blog name (2014), transitioning from blog to business (2016), and cosmetic site changes (alllll of the time, lol)

All of those changes came with a plan. I haven’t always gotten it right. By going through this journey, mostly as a one-woman team, I’ve leaned on to research, my network, feedback from the community, and just plain ole trial by fire. I’m constantly learning, and that’s the best part.

Content Evolution

Recently, the biggest change I’ve made is to merge the Style Sew Me blog and Style Sew Me Pattern store into one Style Sew Me brand. It was a long time coming and I’m so glad to almost be out of that transition period.Another transition is that I’ve began featuring other makers on the blog. It’s super important for me to contribute to the community, and I thought what better way than to use my platform to let other makers who are contributors to the community share their stories.I have so much amazing content planned for the next 6 months, that I’m dying to share. But, you know I’ll keep you on pins and needles in the meantime! I’m a believer in “doing” rather than “declaring”, so am just going to show up and show out!

Business Evolution

When in business, especially in the baby stages like me, there is an overwhelming amount of influence that can pull you this way and that. It’s easy to see what this person is doing and feel inspired by what we perceive is their path. Oh honey, let me tell you that you only see the tip of the iceberg.After trying many, many different strategies and techniques these past 3 years, I know one thing that has never failed me.

Being my damn self. 

The things that have connected the most with you (my tribe) are just me letting it flow. I’ve attracted a community of makers who have a HUGE sense of humor (we cackle together on Instagram daily), are as indecisive with their sewing as I am, have a heart to serve others, and seem like the type of kind folk I’d grab a cocktail with and yap the evening away.On the flipside, being myself has allowed me to create the necessary boundaries around me and my community that allows us to be so great. This past year, I’ve dealt with the most negativity (and it really isn’t that much) that I’ve ever dealt with since starting this blog. And guess what…that’s cool, too. My mantra is “show me who you are so I can get you out from around me”.So being myself has allowed me to filter out what I don’t want in this space in order to give more to those who are here to rock with me. And that, my friends, is “DUH, WINNING!”

Let’s Get Connected

If you’re new to Style Sew Me and we haven’t been “introduced”, hop on over to my About page and let’s get to know each other! You can also leave me some content requests because I’d love to know what you’d like to see!


6 replies on “The Evolution of Style Sew Me”

  • Hello and congratulations on your new adventure. I’m happy you decided to not let people tell you you can’t. I’m ready to take this ride with you. I love love sewing. Happy Sewing.

  • Being My Damn Self! I love it! That’s the best and only way to be. It is so encouraging to see new talent, beauty and brains emerge in this community.! Congrats to you and all that is in your future.

  • I’m here for the long haul. I find you very inspiring and willing to help others. You give back from your heart no matter who is watching or not. Thank you for all the love and creativity you pour out.

  • Such a great post Eryn and I’ve enjoyed watching your evolution. It’s definitely encouraging. It’s nothing like just being yourself and living outloud!

  • I think it’s very inspiring. I am very proud of your growth. I’ve been watching you for a while , but had very little to say only because i’m new to social media and terrified by the process. However, your drive is giving me the courage to move forward. So thanks.I appreciate you.

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