Tutorial: Draft a Curved Waistband

Hey! I’m a lover of wide waistbands! On my body, they help to conceal my post-baby pooch that my love of extra cheese won’t let me shake.

But, depending on the curve of the body or the fabric type, you may find that the waistband stands up and away from your waist creating a gap. That gap can be very unflattering!

Well, not to worry! I’ve got a tutorial for you today that shows you how to draft your own curved waistband that will fit snugly around your curves. It won’t take you long to do and you can use this pattern over and over again.

Here’s what my curved waistband looks like in my skirt. I love how it fits perfectly to my body!


Author: Style Sew Me

Eryn is the creator of Style Sew Me, a DIY fashion blog that teaches women how to take control of her personal style by sewing a stylish and affordable wardrobe.

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