How To Sew a Flawless Invisible Hidden Zipper

A flawless invisible zipper is the icing on the cake when it comes to closures. I remember struggling, fighting, and cussing my way through an invisible zipper only to end up with puckers, gaps, and quite possibly a zipper that wouldn’t even close.

Now, I admit that a large part of that is because installing an invisible zipper usually means you are close to being done with your piece. And that anxious and excitement to wear what you made has you rushing through the important steps.

Today, I’m bringing you a step-by-step to help you achieve that flawless closure. In reality, when your invisible zipper install is just right, it won’t even matter what color the zipper is, because it should not be seen at all from the right side of the garment.

Next week, you’ll get the tutorial for installing an invisible zipper with a lining!

Enjoy the tutorial!

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