Video: Pricing Your Hand-made Goods

Hey there! I’m super happy to be bringing you another video in the unofficial sewing business advice video series I’ve been vlogging about lately. You all have had some great questions that I am hopefully helping to fill in the blanks for you.

I did not have a mentor as I was starting and growing my clothing line. I basically just had lots of trial and LOTS of error. And since I went at it alone, I am essentially passing on some of my lessons learned in hopes of helping you!

So, lots of people get tripped up in figuring out how to price themselves. Well, as the main graphic for this post alludes to; it’s not just about your costs.

So, here’s the video and I hope that you find it helpful!

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Author: Style Sew Me

Eryn is the creator of Style Sew Me, a DIY fashion blog that teaches women how to take control of her personal style by sewing a stylish and affordable wardrobe.

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